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Shannon CA

"I am an Alternative Program teacher. Our site receives all of the expulsions as well as all students coming out of Juvenile Hall for grades 7-12 in our district. I have been creating my own programs to try and get the kids to engage in their own learning as well as researching companies that had them pre-packaged at a level that would be high enough to meet my expected standard. My entire classroom dynamic has changed with the use of these products! I have purchased every big box as well as the big books offered to cover my content. I can honestly state that I wish they were getting the remainder of the Science materials out sooner! My kids are engaged, excited and for the first time many of them are feeling academically successful. My position in the district allows me the chance to review tons of other products and this is the first I will not only use but highly recommend! The use of content-rich text that is not overwhelming, visual imagery and activities that get down to the root of the material allows the students to become well versed and knowledgeable about the topics without confusion. The product captures all learning modalities and levels and raises the bar of their confidence levels. I have called friends in other states to tell them to get it ASAP because of the amazing level of learning it is offering. After speaking with the company representatives several times, I know that not only do they make great products but they also have a passion for making them better than anything else out there, not just for their own gain but a true desire to have the kids be successful! Without a doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made for my students!"


Sharon NY

"Just purchased this [Number & Operations for PK-2]. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It comes with a teacher's guide, worksheets, self-checking smartboard activities. It is very comprehensive. I work with Resource Room students k - 5 and also cover classes for teacher's preps. I am always looking for something complete. THIS IS IT. I have used other software and thought wow I wish there was a teacher's guide or I wish I could find the right worksheet/class worksheet/homework to go with this. THIS HAS IT right in the app. Planning on buying more!"


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How to Write an Essay English with Miss B

"Simple and easy to understand. It was a great visual."

Reading Comprehension Lana H.

"Thanks! Kids loved it!"

Global Warming: Causes Atticus' Science Project

"Thank you so much, I enjoyed using this in my 6th grade science classroom!"

Five Strands of Math Gr. 3-5 NaCole Knutson

"This is a true supplement to whatever curriculum a teacher will be using for math. The drills and task sheets are wonderful for reinforcement and I will be using them when I return to teaching."

Human Body Karen

"It looks fantastic! These resources are perfect for my grade 11 essential science class. I plan on purchasing the Global Warming file as well."

Various Resources Valerie Etheridge

"Truly enjoy your [resources]. They are written to inspire educators and prompt students to think about their learning."

Social Studies Stacey J. Brown

"Your series makes my teaching easier! Your [resources] truly teach all that the children need to know on various topics, in an easy-to-comprehend manner."

Science Amanda Deane

"I am a seventh grade teacher, and am always on the lookout for new ideas. My students love the activities and are quickly learning the information."

Master Writing NaCole Knutson

"As a teacher who sometimes struggles with grammar/writing, it has been very informative and easy to understand. I am using this as a curriculum while homeschooling my son this year."

Various Resources Linda Reeves

"We are currently using a variety of your unit plans at our international school in Hong Kong. Our teachers and students are really enjoying the learning that is being facilitated through your materials."

Language Arts Kim Falk

"This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s very simple and to the point."

Language Arts M. Dunning

"I teach a junior communications class (i.e. kids who have difficulty with reading and writing). It is units like this that motivate these kids."

Various Resources Steve Cooper

"If there is an equivalent in Australia I have yet to find it. Your units save hours and hours of work and they are very well priced – even with the exchange rate!"

Various Resources Brenda Breuls

"Many of the units can be done at the students own pace and help to create independent working time for one half while I work with the other half of the class."

Global Warming: Reduction Chris Kennedy

"Just the information I needed, beautifully presented!"